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About Giant Panda Bear Babies

On this page you can learn all about the babies of giant pandas.  Giant panda bear cubs are pretty unique and are certainly fun wild animals to learn about.

What are Giant Panda Babies Called?

Just like other bears, giant panda babies are called cubs.

How Old Are Giant Panda Before They Have Babies?

Giant panda bears are usually between four years old and eight years old when they are mature enough to begin having babies.  It is believed by recent scientists that giant pandas can reproduce until they are twenty years old.

Female giant pandas ovulate only once a year, and usually that is in the spring.  That means there are only two or three days each year that a female giant panda can get pregnant.

Since the current day habitats of Giant pandas are being cut off from each other it means that often a female giant panda is not around a male during those few days each year.  Which means fewer and fewer giant pandas are born each year in the wild.

For a species to remain genetically diverse it much have a large gene pool.  When giant pandas cannot get back and forth from one habitat area to another, it means the only males and females in that habitat area will eventually have the risk of a smaller gene pool.

It is also a problem because it means that the only two or three days each year that female giant pandas can get pregnant there may not be any males close by.  Thus a year goes by that the female cannot have a baby, which means fewer giant pandas being born in the wild and those that are are from a less diverse gene pool.

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How Do Giant Pandas Find Each Other During Fertile Times?

Giant pandas find each other by their calls and scents.  The males are drawn to the scents of a female when they are ovulating.

How Long Before A Giant Panda Cub Is Born?

Female giant pandas give birth between 95 and 160 days after mating.


How Many Giant Panda Cubs Are Born At A Time?

Giant panda females may give birth to two young, however, most often only one survives.

How Long Do Giant Panda Cubs Stay With Their Mothers?

Giant panda bear babies usually stay with their mothers anywhere from one and a half years to three years.

That means the giant panda females cannot have a baby panda except every other year or sometimes every third year, so again not very many baby pandas are born in the wild each year.  Then it depends on a male panda being around during the only two or three days a year that a female is receptive.

What Does A Newborn Giant Panda Cub Look Like?

When giant panda bear cubs are born they are completely helpless. 

At birth a baby giant pandas only weighs about three to five ounces.  Think about that for a minute; look around your home or school and find things that only weigh three to five ounces and you will get an idea of how tiny giant panda cubs are at birth.

When giant panda cubs are born they are pink in color and have very little hair.  Yep, giant panda babies are born pink and almost bald.   Newborn giant pandas do have sparse sprigs of white hair at birth.

When Do Baby Pandas Start Getting Black?

when giant panda cubs are about a week old they start getting black on their skin around their eyes, ears, shoulders and legs.  After a couple weeks black hair begins to grow.

How Long Is A Giant Panda cub At Birth?

A giant panda baby is about seven inches long when it is born.

When Does A Giant Panda Cubs' Eyes Open?

Giant panda babies' eye start to open when they are about a month to a month and half old.  Their eyes are usually fully open a week or two after they start opening

Do Newborn Giant Panda Cubs Have A Tail?

Yes, giant panda cubs are born with a tail.

Can Giant Panda Cubs Make Any Sounds When They Are Born?

Newborn giant panda cubs cry very loud and quite often.

Interesting Things About The Size Of A Giant Panda Cub At Birth:

The only mammals smaller than the giant panda at birth are the babies of marsupials like opossums and kangaroos.

Another unique thing about giant panda babies is that there is no other mammal mother who has babies that are so small compared to her size.

Newborn giant panda cubs' legs are very weak in the first period of life.

A newborn giant panda cub can grow to ten times its original birth weight  in just a short month and half.

Giant panda newborns sleep a whole lot and nurse a whole lot in the first days of life.

Giant panda mothers lick their newborn babies often to help them go pee and poop.  Mother giant pandas also lick their cubs a lot to keep them clean.

Newborn giant panda cubs cannot regulate their own body temperature.

By the time a giant panda baby is a couple of months old it decreases the number of times it nurses each day to just three or four times.

Are A Giant Panda Cub's Eyes Open or Shut When they Are Born?

Giant panda bear babies are born with their eyes shut.  They do not open their eyes until they are around six to eight weeks old.

When Do Giant Panda Babies Start Looking Like Their Mothers?

When giant panda babies are around a month old they look a lot like the adult panda except that their tails look oddly long.

When Do Giant Panda Cubs Stop Crying So Much?

By the time giant panda cubs are a couple of months old they do not cry as much as when they are newborns.

When Do Giant Panda Cubs Get Teeth?

At between two and half and three months of age baby giant pandas start getting some teeth showing through their gums.

Here is an interesting note: Not all baby panda bears get their teeth in the same order.

When Do Giant Panda Cubs Start Walking?

At about two and half months of age baby giant panda bears can walk a few steps.

When Do Giant Panda Cubs Start Seeing?

When Giant Panda bear babies are around two and half to three months of age their vision starts being pretty good.  That is when their hearing starts improving, too.

Giant panda cubs start running a few steps when they are about four months of age.  Also about this age they begin climbing on their mothers' backs during play time.

When Giant Panda Babies Are About Five Months Of Age:

When giant panda bear cubs are about five months of age they begin running along behind their mothers.

At around five months of age a baby giant panda starts copying their mothers by trying to eat bamboo.

Also, at about five months of age giant panda cubs begin climbing trees. 

When Giant Panda Cubs Are About Six & Seven Months Of Age:

By the time baby giant pandas are six or seven months of age they are quite good at climbing.  Often they will stay up in a tree for hours at a time, even without their mothers.

Giant panda cubs have between twenty-four and twenty-eight teeth when they are around six months of age.

At around six and seven months of age a baby giant panda only nurses once or twice each day.

When Does A Giant Panda Cub Stop Nursing?

Usually by the time a giant panda cub is nine months of age it is done nursing.

How Much Does A Giant Panda Cub Weigh On Its First Birthday?

A giant panda cub can weigh between forty and sixty pounds by the age of one year.

Interesting Things About Mothers Of Newborn Panda Cubs:

A month giant panda often does not leave her newborn to even go eat bamboo.  She must remain with her baby to keep it warm.

A mother giant panda's milk is very high in fat content.

However, by the time the baby panda is about month old mothers do not have to give babies such non-stop attention.



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About The Activity Of A Newborn Giant Panda:

Giant panda cubs don't 'get around' a whole lot until they are about three months old.

How Long Does A Giant Panda Bear Cub Nurse?

Giant panda cubs usually nurse until they are about eight to ten months old, sometimes longer.  they usually wean completely by the time they are a year old, however they continue to stay with their mothers after that for another six months and often until they are two and half to three years old.

Is The Number Of Wild Panda Births Enough To Prevent Extinction?

During the life of a female giant panda it is unlikely that she raises more than four to eight cubs to adulthood.

Because of the giant pandas naturally slow breeding rate their wild births are not keeping up with their decline in number due to illegal hunting, habitat loss, and other human-related causes of declines in wild giant panda populations.